January 31st, 2015


Man arrested in toilet-brush torture and murder of lesbian

Duduzile Zozo/family photo

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- A 22-year-old man has been arrested in Tokoza and accused in connection with the toilet-brush rape and torture of a young lesbian, who apparently was strangled to death.

Gauteng police said the unnamed man would appear Monday in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court, according to IOL News.

Duduzile Zozos, 26, was found dead on June 30 in one of the most hideous crimes in a string of murders of lesbians in South Africa. News of her murder provoked international outrage against the concept of "corrective rape" that plagues certain countries around the world, including South Africa.

Neighbors found the body of Zozos half-naked and with a toilet brush impailed in her vagina. Since the crime was discovered, local police interviewed several suspects but released them after questioning.

Thuziwe Zozo, the mother of the victim, says she believes that her daughter was targeted because of her sexual identity as a lesbian.

At least five lesbians have been murdered in the past two years in South Africa.